2016 IAAA Workshop Biosphere 2

I was honored to help run along with Michelle Rouch the 2016 International Association of Astronomical Artists workshop at the Biosphere 2 February 3rd to the 6th introducing Tucson and AZ science to artist members from across the U.S.

Strip Painting created at the 2016 IAAA Workshop. Copyright, Simon Kregar, Erica McGuinnis, Jim Scotti, Theresa Hentz, William K. Hartmann, Marilynn Flyyn, Jon Ramer, Earl Billick, Reid Silvern, Mark Penesta, Michelle Rouch, Rick Sternbach and Aldo Spadoni.

From Left to right, Jon Ramer, Mark Penesta, Rick Sternbach, Erika McGuinnis, Marylinn Flynn, Michelle Rouch, Aldo Spadoni, Theresa Hentz, Simon Kregar, Adam Block, Ried and Meg Silvern, Jim Scotti, Earl Billick and William K. Hartmann!

Rick Sternbach, Aldo Spadoni, Simon Kregar, Erika McGuinnis, and Matt Adamson.

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