about-simon-kregar-fine-artsSimon Peter Kregar, Jr. is an award winning fine artist whose focus is promoting science and an awareness of our place in the Universe. Classically trained, his subjects include authors, scientists, astronomical art, and noted astronauts

He was nominated for the prestigious Governor’s Arts Award for three consecutive years, which recognizes excellence in artistic expression and outstanding contributions to the Arizona arts community.

the-art-of-space-bookSimon’s work is featured in the book “The Art of Space” and ‘Spaceships”by Ron Miller and has been featured on websites such as The Universe of Carl, The Smithsonian, The European Space Agency and the Cassini Imaging website Ciclops.. He has been invited to show at the Biosphere 2, Flandrau Planetarium, University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Pima Air and Space Museum, SpaceFest, The Division of Planetary Sciences Annual meeting, The International Symposium on Personal and Commercial Spaceflight, and the Tucson Museum of Art.

In addition his portraiture was shown at the White House in 2016 as part of the AARP’s Portraits of Care campaign and his work was awarded to the winner of the Caregiver of the year.  Simon has work in the collection of Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Jim Lovell, Dr. Carolyn Porco and John and Susy Young.

Simon currently is the CoChair of the Tucson-Chapter of International Artists which promotes Space Art and has helped develop and run Art shows for such venues as the International Symposium of Personal and Commercial Spaceflight, The Space Tech Expo, the Biosphere 2, The Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo, The Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center and the University of Arizona’s Lunar Planetary Laboratory.

Simon subscribes to the school of Neuroesthetics which takes a scientific approach to the study of aesthetic perceptions of art and music

“I try to serve the most basic function of fine art through my work, inspiration. My hope is to help build a common culture founded in science and rational thought combined with an understanding of who and where we are in the Universe. I also have my heroes who inspire me, those people that have changed the world through their passion and work and unwavering dedication to determine the nature of reality. I feel that it is important we not only remember these people, but honor them in a way that is fitting of their respective achievements.”

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an enormous interest in the sciences; everything from quantum physics to anthropology. One of my first memories was of the Apollo 11 moon landing and my excitement as I watched it. I have been an artist most of my adult life, but it was only about 5 years ago that I became very interested in science education. I realized that I could combine both my passions, art and science, to communicate my wonderment and awe for the universe and those who enrich our understanding in the cosmos in which we live.”



  •  Visions of Space, Wells & Mendip Museum, UK. Juried Art Show
  • Beyond, The Works of Simon Kregar, Tucson Public Library. Juried Art Show
  • The Art of Space, Space Tech Expo, Pasedena CA
  • Spacefest VII


  •  Biosphere 2 – Invitational Art show
  •  Cosmos, Annmarie Gallery, MD, Juried Art Show,
  •  Portrait Artists of Arizona, Gammage Theater, AZ, Juried Art Show
  •  The Heritage of Astronomical art in Arizona, AZ, Juried Art Show
  •  Pima Air and Space Museum- Night Wings
  • Space Art. International Symposium on Personal and Commercial Spaceflight
  •  AARP/ GMMB Caregiver Show, Washington DC
  • Art of Planetary Science University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory- Juried Art Show
  • Bennuval! A Festival of Space, Art and Music. Juried Art Show


  • SpaceFest VI- Pasedena Ca. Juried Art Show
  • Maker House- Tucson Az, Solo Show
  • Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery
  • NovaSpace Galleries
  • Lunar and Planetary Laboratory – Apollo 45th year Celebration
  • Pima Air and Space Museum – Night Wings
  • Art of Planetary Science – University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory – Juried Art Show
  • The Division of Planetary Sciences 2014 Conference
  • TusCon Art show
  • The Art of Space and Light presented by the International Association of Astronomical Artists


  • IAAA Art Show- Raytheon Anti Tampering Conference
  • Second Annual Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo
  • Art of Planetary Science- University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory – Juried Art Show
  • Art On Tap, Tucson Museum of Art. Works selected for inclusion into this show

1994 – 2012

  • Coconino Public Library | 1994
  • Tucson Arts Councils Art Squared Art Market | 1999
  • Gallery 55 Main | 2001
  • The Gallery of the Holy Ghost | 2007
  • Mesa Art Show | 2010
  • D’Arte Gallery – Featured Artist | 2011
  • Big Otters Gallery, Atheist Nexus – Featured Artist | 2012
  • Pima/ Tucson Council on the Arts Open Studio Tour | 2012
  • Brewster Center for Abused Women – Donated Artwork
  • The Positively Beautiful organization – Donated Artwork
  • Society for Creative Anachronism – Art Director for Local Chapter
  • James Randi Educational Foundation- Donated Artwork
  • Origins Project ASU, Dr. Lawrence Krauss- Donated Artwork
  • University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory – Donated Artwork
  • Aerospace Legacy Foundation- Donated Artwork

arizona-governer-art-awards-smNominated three years consecutively (2014, 2015, 2016) for the Governor’s Arts Award which recognizes excellence in artistic expression and outstanding contributions to the AZ arts community.

Special Recognition Acrylic – Focus Point Shape International Art Gallery


ESA’s Rosetta Art
Tribute 2016

Gemini IV - Ed White
Imagining Spacewalks.
Smithsonian Tumbler 2015

2016 Ron Miller
Smithsonian Press

The Art of Space
2014. Ron Miller
Elephant Press.

Sky and Telescope
November 18, 2013

“The Sky’s the Limit: Painting with Simon Kregar” ArtFire
Nosh Blog, Kiki Nelson 2014

Featured on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star
(Oct 14, 2014)

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