I have had the honor to have been invited to show at Spacefest VI in Pasadena Ca. the weekend of May 9th to May 11th.
Spacefest was started by the famous space artist Kim Poor and his wife Sally in conjunction with NovaSpace Galleries and The International Association of Astronomical Artists.
It is a convention that brings together the best Space Artists, Astronauts, noted scientists and collectors from around the world.
This year in addition to the Apollo Astronauts including Buzz Aldrin there will be speakers such as, Dr. Carolyn Porco of Cassini fame, Geoff Notkin the meteorite man, Astronomer David Levy, the Planetary Society’s own Emily Lakdawalla, Senior Astronomer at SETI Seth Shostak, and there is even a rumor that some science guy named Bill might make an appearance!
Other artist that are showing are Pamela Lee, Dr. Dan Durda, Michelle Rouch, Alan Bean, Lucy West, Michael Carroll, Michael Carroll, Peter Thorpe and Don Davis just to name a few.
If you are in or near the Los Angeles area that weekend, please stop by!

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