Earthrise Art Show


Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime evening event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8's launch to the Moon and the first Earthrise. Our celebration will be hosted by the international astronauts of Constellation. This event will mark the launch of a worldwide movement, motivated by their experience in space, to inspire hope and positive change to ensure our planet is a thriving home for all.

16 Artists from around the world have come together to create an astonishing look at the famous Earthrise photograph taken by Apollo 8 and the impact it has on our perspective. 

20% of all sales will be donated back to the Constellation Foundation. 

Artists and Works

Adriana Allen



Adrianna Allen is a freelance scientific illustrator, who of course loves space. Through a combination of science and art, she strives to inspire people’s interest in the investigation of the cosmos… from genetics to galaxies!

Chris Calle

Apollo 8 Earth Rise

 Chris Calle is an artist who has designed more than 35 postage stamps for the United States and hundreds more for countries as diverse as Sweden and the Marshall Islands, as well as designs for the United Nations. Chris’s US postage stamp design work includes the two stamps in 1994 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing jointly designed with his father Paul Calle who designed the iconic First Man on the Moon stamp in 1969. Perhaps Chris’s most well known artwork is the $2.40 Priority Mail stamp design of 1989, which depicts Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planting the American flag on the Moon. 

Ron (RC) Davison

Hello Earth 
Height: 10"
Width: 14"
Medium: Metal Print.
Price: $400.00

I ventured into the arts as a complimentary endeavor to my work in science and engineering.  Firstly, by writing a book (ORBITAL MANEUVERS) about a shuttle crew stranded in space after an asteroid impact – and, secondly, by creating a companion website where I started a blog to discuss the latest developments in space technology and astronomy and created images to illustrate concepts and ideas in support of the articles I posted.  This year I was accepted as a member artist of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA).




 At the age of 22, Brooklyn born with deep Puerto Rican roots, JonLouis established himself as one of the youngest most unique artist globally. Developing his own style focused on representing external reality by adopting an admirable assortment of spontaneous colors, creating an atmosphere for the viewer to perceive the energy. Not only have his paintings caught the attention of influential collectors around the world, but also Jonlouis uses his art to propel his community. Donating pieces for multiple notable charities, giving speeches for Congress Woman Frederica Wilson and showcasing his art in acclaimed Television shows. JonLouis’s work is an illustration of internally driven courage to be creative, but most importantly courage to make a real change

Brian Fiore

"In The Beginning..."
Acrylics on 16x12 canvas panel

After a long hiatus, Brian Fiore recently rediscovered the pleasures of drawing and painting, and the joys of Space Themed Art in particular. He is a brand new member of the IAAA, and is especially proud of the fact that he has done the posters and artwork for the upcoming feature length documentary; “Searching For Skylab”!

Brian paints mostly in acrylics because he likes the medium’s versatility, although he does “dabble” in spray-paint art from time to time. His greatest artistic influences are Ken Marschall, Robert McCall and Ron Miller. His favorite subjects are Historical Spaceflight, Planets, Galaxies and Nebulae, but he also enjoys rendering Aviation subjects and Seascapes.

Doug Forrest

Apollo 8


Doug Forrest: I was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. As a very young child, I was enthralled watching the Apollo astronauts walking on the Moon, which formed the foundation of a life-long fascination for those missions. Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have liked to draw and I have always felt that creating art, and really concentrating on the detail, is the best way, that I can get close to the subject, without actually being there. I was fascinated by the equipment built for the Apollo missions, and drawing them with as much detail as possible, is my way of getting close and touching them. I love the complexity of the plumbing, the details and lines in the launch structures and vehicles. I look at them and can appreciate them as works of art in themselves. I try to capture the texture of the materials used to build them in my drawings and I hope that anyone that sees my art will somehow feel that they have touched them too. With my drawings, I hope to preserve this incredible chapter in our history, as accurately as possible, with the hope that it inspires others, in the same way that I was.

Dave Ginsberg

Around the Moon and Back Again


Dave Ginsberg is an analytical left-brained artist and a creative right-brained engineer. His artwork combines his passions for spaceflight, astronomy, science, teaching, and the visual arts. Dave has been a member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) since 2016. 

His artwork has been displayed at Seattle's Museum of Flight, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Spacefest in Tucson, Arizona, The Art of Planetary Science exhibitions at the University of Arizona, the ASF Space Rendezvous in Houston, Texas, and the Digital Arts Festival in Redmond, Washington. Dave's 16-foot tall solar system mural was on permanent display at Seattle's Museum of Flight from 2007 to 2017. 

His work has been published in the IAAA Pulsar magazine and Dennis Jenkins' book, Space Shuttle, Developing an Icon. Dave designed the insignia for collectSPACE which has been used as the website's brand identity since 2013. He created the logo for the National Association of Rocketry "Pay Forward" 2017 fundraising campaign. 

Three of Dave's creations have made trips into Earth orbit and back, having flown on space shuttle Atlantis, the Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft, a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft, and the International Space Station. 

 Dave’s space art portfolio can be found at

Simon Kregar



Simon Peter Kregar, Jr. is an award winning fine artist whose focus is promoting science and an awareness of our place in the Universe. Both classically trained and self taught, his subjects include authors, scientists, astronomical art, and noted astronauts.  He was nominated for the prestigious Governor’s Arts Award in 2014, 2015 and again in 2016, which recognizes excellence in artistic expression and outstanding contributions to the Arizona arts community. Simon’s work is featured in the book “The Art of Space” and "Spaceships" by Ron Miller and has been featured on websites such as The Universe of Carl, the Smithsonian and the Cassini Imaging website Ciclops. He has been invited to show at the Pima Air and Space Museum, SpaceFest, The Division of Planetary Sciences Annual meeting, The International Space Development Conference and the Tucson Museum of Art. Simons work can currently be seen at the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum, University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, and the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. Simon is currently the Director of Exhibitions for the International Association of Astronomical Art and the Art Director for the Constellation Foundation.  Simon subscribes to the school of Neuroesthetics which takes a scientific approach to the study of aesthetic perceptions of art and music.

Christy Moeller

The Space of Wonder


About her diverse experiences in the art field, Christy states “While my love has always been fine art and painting, I can now in hindsight see how my experiences in commercial graphic design has helped me gain experience in creating compositions and colors to stimulate the viewer and help alter their perceptions. My latest paintings are very personal, influenced by my most recent struggles with love, society and the ever-changing world full of conflict and inspiration.”

Alexandra Neumann


Alexandra is a German space enthusiast, whose love for space was sparked by witnessing 3 space shuttle launches.Sharing the final launch of Atlantis in 2011 amongst a global group of social media users got her interested in this medium and so she joined @Twitter and Facebook and an amazing journey began. Together with her husband, their little son and their space mascot @PinkLilDragon she travels all around the world, sharing unforgettable events. They have been granted access by ESA, DLR, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, CERN and GSI to various facilities, attended a Soyuz rocket launch in Baikonur and also the annual congress of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) in Germany and several @SpaceUp unconferences. They were inside the circle of Stonehenge, hunted asteroids on the laptop and meteorites in the dust of the Sonoran desert and since 2013 they became part of the @Spacefest family. They enjoy all their encounters with the scientists and the numerous astronauts from all eras of space exploration - from the very first ones who flew to and walked on the moon - to the ones inhabitating the ISS right now and they love sharing all these adventures via social media. Outside her non-space- / science-related daytime job, she especially loves to combine her passion of painting with the events she attends, creating special designs and distributing badges etc. amongst the international participants and speakers and creating posters to be signed by all. With these unique mementos for all, she connects the ever-growing network of like-minded people from all walks of life all around the globe. In 2018 she became a member of the IAAA (International Association of Astronomical Artists - and some of her artwork has been auctioned to support fundraising projects. #FF her: #TheCreationOfSpaceInspiration #ReachingBeyondTheStars #BuraMooN* TWITTER @4tuneQkie @Spaceholix * FACEBOOK * FLICKR 

Kirby Plessas


 Kirby Plessas is a multi-media artist living in Cave Creek, Arizona. She is a veteran of the US Army as well as the Intelligence Community in DC and makes her living as the Founder of Plessas Experts Network, a company that consults and trains online (cyber) investigations. Kirby started producing artwork as a child and continued to do so through the years but has recently become more serious about her passion for art. She is a member of the Sonoran Art League and can be found on Facebook at and on Instagram at

Michelle Rouch

Earth rise.

 Michelle Rouch is the current American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Tucson Section Vice Chair and has earned 1st Place Precollege Outreach Award for outstanding STEM K-12 Outreach Program from 2014-2016. AIAA has nominated Rouch in 2014, 2015, and 2016 for the Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards.   Naval Centennial of Flight featured Rouch from the Opening in 2010 to the Closing Ceremony in 2011 in DC. She is an officer on AIAA Society and Aerospace Technology Integration and Outreach Committee (IOC). Rouch is the Founder and Co-chair of the Tucson-Chapter of International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), a member of American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA), appointed as Board Member to serve on the Tucson Public Arts Council, and served as judge on the Congressional Advisor for Youth Art Program for 4 consecutive years for Arizona Congressional District 2.  Rouch has 28 years of experience as a technical engineer advisor for DoD.  She is a self-taught artist, who combines technical knowledge and accuracy with ability to define abstraction between finite lines. She continues to range over the full spectrum, which includes portraits, architecture, marine, aviation, landscape, and astronomical subjects, and continues to explore different mediums. Rouch has more than 30 years of art experience.  She has exhibited at the Pentagon, EAA, Raytheon, Watergate Gallery, National Museum, Marine’s Memorial, Ford Motor Company, Living Legends of Aviation, LearJet, and many more.  Her works are on permanent display at the USS Hornet, Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, San Diego Air & Space Museum, Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson International Airport, the Space Station Museum, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO), Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Center, and University of Arizona. 

Aldo Spadoni

Lunar Orbit Ballet
16” wide  x 24” high, signed giclée print, price $225.

 Aldo Spadoni, President of Aerospace Imagineering, is an MIT graduate with extensive experience as an aerospace engineer, conceptual designer, and futurist. Aldo has contributing to the conceptual, prototype, and production design of numerous advanced aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft For NASA and The U.S. Armed Services. At Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, he created and managed the Engineering Visualization Resource (EVR), a dedicated creative team tasked with envisioning the future of aerospace technology, using computer based engineering and Hollywood style visualization tools. Aldo holds patents for advanced sensor systems and trauma care technology. Aldo is a Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and has served on its board of trustees. As a technology consultant to the entertainment industry, Aldo supported the production of APOLLO 13 (the movie), SUPERNOVA, James Cameron’s TITANIC, SEVEN POUNDS, IRON MAN, 1 & 2, and other motion picture projects.  

Lucy West

Discovering Earth

 Award winning artist Lucy West has over 40 years experience as a professional artist. Her works have been commissioned and/or exhibited by notable venues such as NASA's Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center, The House of Representatives in Washington D.C., The Art of Planetary Sciences in Tucson, AZ., World View Space Port in Tucson, AZ, Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ, the Bird Aviation Museum and Invention Center in Sagle, Idaho, fine art galleries and private collectors worldwide. Her space and science compositions are popular in the aerospace and science communities and are collected by astronauts, astronomers and scientists.  

Ernest Lee Wilson


 The paintings of E. Lee Wilson, Jr. have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers across the U.S., including Art Miami Spectrum; The Sweet Art Gallery in Naples, Florida; Beck Gallery in Lutz, Florida, Romancing the Frame gallery in Brentwood, Tennessee; the Eastern Florida State Planetarium in Cocoa, Florida; The Sawmill Center in Maitland, Florida; Lexus of Melbourne, Florida; the Melbourne International Airport; and Caliente Resort in Land O Lakes, Florida. In addition, his work is in numerous private and corporate collections, including those of the Boca Grande Resort in Boca Grande, Florida and the Clothing Optional Home Network in Phoenix, Arizona. The artist has an art studio in the north Tampa, Florida area. Visit or for more information. 

Janice Wallice


 "I'm a life-long and mostly self-taught artist, dabbling in many media but primarily fascinated by oil paints. I have a B.A. in Art History and an Associates in Illustration & Design, and I've worked most often as a freelance illustrator. I've long been a proponent of the sciences and a lover of hard science fiction. I reside in Tucson, Arizona, where I've participated in many local art exhibits and my artwork is in several private collections around the country. My work expresses surrealistic vision, representing the ideas of possibility and choice, exploration and optimism. The skies in my paintings generally symbolize portals, pathways to what can be accomplished."